Apple Makes Plans for Clean Energy Data Center

Apple Makes Plans for Clean Energy Data Center

After learning about the impact of a data center on the environment through its power usage I considered what may develop from data centers as a resource in the future. It turns out that not only are data centers cornerstones for cleaner energy for big corporations, but Apple is pushing to be one of the forerunners in the initiative for a clean energy standard among competing tech companies.

Since its initial push in 2012 for a 100% clean energy powered facilities, Apple has reduced it’s carbon footprint and added more clean-energy-powered-facilities. Last month it was announced that Apple is “making an initial investment of 1.3 billion dollars” in an Iowa data facility set to undergo construction in as early as next year.

Apple also states that the center will be operational by 2020 and will become an appstore-centered facility. The appstore, of course, needing storage for it’s different apps and games alongside, perhaps, potentially large files with it’s new iOS 11 ARkit. A form of app which will make use of the iPhone’s camera and processor to overlay information in the real world. They want to take this process and make it mainstream, “bringing it to hundreds of millions of users”, so we may see a push for this new type of app in the coming months. The new iPhone application certainly gives Apple room to grow — and Cook states that as the popularity and demand for a bigger appstore grows, so, too, will their Iowa data center.

Apple Transparency

“It will be powered completely 100% by renewable energy just like all of our U.S. facilities and 96% of our facilities throughout the world.” This statistic is revolutionary for corporations today. Apple, especially when compared to other tech companies, goes above and beyond in running clean facilities. But I’d be curious to know if that is scalable, that as the data center grows would they need to install more wind turbines? — and with what space does Apple plan to expand? But I’m sure they have something in place if they’re already thinking about expansion. One thing Apple excels beyond their competition in is transparency. They have released fiscal reports for the past 4 years of being clean-focused, documenting their attempts to be environmentally friendly and providing official documentation and scoring for how well they are doing. So far, Apple is doing well.



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